These are difficult times for everyone around the world as we face what was once an unknown enemy, the novel Coronavirus Covid-19. Now well known and in full bloom, the virus has attacked people all around the globe, as we have watched the virus wreaking havoc with health everywhere. No one seems to be beyond its reach.

The media is filled with reports 24/7 with harrowing details of how the illness has spread to just about every city and town in our country and most of the world. It’s easy to get caught up in a litany of panic or despair as we watch one discouraging report after another.

But you needn’t be a helpless victim of the pandemic or its emotional effects. Follow the best guidance of what health and government officials recommend. Many of us in the US are sheltered-in-place or in lockdowns, so we are not leaving home for work or school. With this social distance or separation, many of us have a lot of time on our hands.

For those of us who ride, whether as a hobby or train for races, we can at least continue some form of this while we also spend more time with loved ones and family. If you can’t get outside, try to maintain some form of training. Exercise at home. This might be an opportunity to have your wife and kids join you in this.


Try to keep going forward, no matter how you do it. For those of you who are serious cyclists, if you have a indoor trainer, use it. Check out my article “Love Your Turbo”. You’ll be glad you rode your trainer when this crisis ends. You’ll look back and see that you did something productive for yourself, that you made good use of your time and that you are ready to go when things return to what has to be more normal.

If you don’t have an indoor trainer, try to improvise and be creative. In some areas, where it’s warm and you aren’t prohibited, you can still get outside and ride, but if you can’t, then at least do some kind of gym work or exercises inside. Bodyweight exercises and any kind of cardio will help. 

Don’t give in. Keep active. Keep training and keep riding if you can . It will help your outlook and your spirit. Body, mind, spirit and emotion can all get better. 

And most of all, stay well and stay safe.
                  --Greg Sushinsky

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